Tips to improve your credit rating

A healthy credit history allows you to access different benefits, such as immediate loans or discounts on the loans you request.

Discover tips to improve your credit rating and avoid entering risk centers, such as Good Finance.

Know your current credit history

Know your current credit history


You must visit the different risk centers to know what your credit situation is. Both Good Finance and Sentinel or Experian for example, let you know if you are a paying customer or not on time. It is important to know how banks see you.

Pay your debts

Since you know your history, you will be able to identify the debts you have. So that you have a green light when requesting a new credit from the banks, keep your payments always regularized. Being punctual is one of the secrets.

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Do not borrow beyond your means

Do not borrow beyond your means


Just as regularizing your debts is important, if they are not stable in relation to your income, your situation is probably not the best.

Experts recommend never asking for loans for amounts you cannot pay in the next 60 days. From your monthly salary, you should only allocate a maximum between 30% and 40% for the payment of debts, if you are paying more, something is wrong in your finances.

Use your credit card thoroughly

That your credit card serves only for the necessary things. Do not use it for expenses that you cannot pay later. Remember that the interest rates of a credit card are much higher than those of a personal loan.

Enter the financial system through the small door

Enter the financial system through the small door


It is important to have a credit history, take a very small credit to complement a purchase, so banks will know your degree of commitment to payments.

Do not borrow, if you want a credit card, use it to direct your service payments, and cancel the balances during the same month, this will make you go from “gray” to “green”, your credit score will gradually improve and you will be preparing little by little to have better credits, when the time comes that you need it.


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