Cheap Car Insurance Do They Agree?


When it comes to finding the ideal car insurance, many times we tend to lean towards cheap car insurance, sacrificing with it: coverage, quality and assistance.

How much is it worth sacrificing quality and safety to save on the insurance premium? Or could it be that there are economic and quality insurance plans?

Let’s find out …


Car insurance in Mexico

Car insurance in Mexico

Car insurance in Mexico is not a common custom among its inhabitants. Condusef indicates that only 3 out of 10 car owners have insurance contracted. For this reason, and in relation to the number of accidents and total and partial theft of cars that occur per year, it was determined that car insurance would be mandatory as of 2014.

At least in its Civil Liability modality, the insurance must be hired by all those drivers of cars model 2011 onwards and with a value greater than $ 186,132.


Cheap car insurance

And it is precisely this type of insurance that corresponds to the so-called cheap car insurance. Maybe ten years ago, these insurances did not meet the minimum required to be considered quality.

Given the regulations implemented from the legislation that makes civil liability insurance obligatory, they are currently safe that, although their price is low, they represent at least the fulfillment of the coverage required by law, and the minimum required for your car can circulate and, above all, so that when you have an accident or accident, you do not have to pay for the total problem.


What are the coverage of the Civil Liability Insurance?

The civil liability insurance, as the law indicates, contemplates two coverages:

  • Damage to people (injuries and death)

For a guaranteed sum of $ 100, ooo at least depending on your policy

  • Material damage

For a guaranteed sum of at least $ 50,000 depending on your policy


Does cheap insurance represent poor quality?

Does cheap insurance represent poor quality?

Not necessarily; The quality of the service depends to a large extent on the insurance company that supports your insurance and the scope of its functions depends on the coverage you hire.

To take out civil liability insurance, we suggest you find a balance between the following points:

  1. Sum assured
  2. Coverage
  3. Exclusions
  4. Secure prime
  5. Deductible

What if it is worth hiring cheap car insurance?

Of course, but only in the case that the only type of insurance that you are going to take out is civil liability, if you opt for insurance with limited, wide or wide coverage, you must balance the needs and the budget.

We invite you here to compare the different auto insurance so you can choose the best one and that best suits your financial needs.


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